Muse – Stockholm Syndrome (Live from Stade de France, Paris 2010) – Stockholm Video

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “Muse – Stockholm Syndrome (Live from Stade de France, Paris 2010) – Stockholm Video”

  1. anaid5387 says:

    Guitar – “matt bellamy seduced me, then violated me then raped me then finally threw me away. I am now complete.” Guitar then died happily.

  2. Deadandr3 says:

    I can wait to see Summer Stadium’s stage !!!

  3. hakajou40 says:

    everything is filmed why do not make a dvd.

  4. Isaías Sosa says:

    Muse covering nirvana, at the end of stockholm Syndrome. Song’s called School, they did not play it complete.
    Starting at 5:03 they ended it at 5:40

  5. JohannSebastianSpock says:

    The instrumental bits between songs are amazing.

  6. proterm5000 says:

    Nirvana.- School

  7. Fuzzy Masterson says:

    I want that guitar like hell

  8. jhw041510 says:

    양키여러분들. 한글은아름다운겁니다.

  9. jhw041510 says:

    올ㅋ 양키들 댓글수준보소
    젼나 진지빠네

  10. 1302pp says:

    I. WAS. THERE.

  11. MartDisp says:

    Nirvana – School 😉

  12. Erfath Garaudy says:

    dafuq, dude?

  13. plooperzz396 says:

    This is one of the most beautiful lives I’ve seen them do for this song<3

  14. Dick Hurtz says:

    How can you not like this? This is one of their greatest songs ever!

  15. DFBATTLER says:

    That’s good 🙂

  16. ceyceycey21 says:

    I am sorry, taking my leave peacefully.

  17. DFBATTLER says:


  18. DFBATTLER says:

    out out OUT


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