Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (Live in Stockholm) – Stockholm Video

Las Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons perform their smash hit “Radioactive” at an exclusive showcase at Obaren in Stockholm, February 2013. Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Live in Stockholm) http://www.y …
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18 Responses to “Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (Live in Stockholm) – Stockholm Video”

  1. Just another Potterhead and Firebreather says:

    *Okaay, I’m in love with these.*

    **does the breathing part**


  2. Kurumi Diva dos Gelinho says:


  3. Camilla Jensen says:

    Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (Live in Stockholm):

  4. ashley platzman-way says:

    @alienkishorekumar What do you mean, cover? This is the band, Imagine
    Dragons that made the song. Not and never will be a cover

  5. MissyIRo B says:

    Dan’s voice at 0:30 ♥

  6. Joshua Ngaihte says:

    Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (Live in Stockholm)

  7. Iseut Grand says:

    It’s beautiful

  8. I'm Sara says:

    That guitarist looks like dave grohl haha omg

  9. lumawoo yo says:


  10. Cailey Weaver says:

    My favorite song. Period. This version is so perfect! It’s got so much
    variety and just enough rawness to make it incredible!

  11. XxGalixiesxX says:

    Néj! No drums sounds a bit bad, I love the Imagine Dragons, but yeah..

  12. Karl Pokus says:

    dat intro

  13. jonathan harzate says:


  14. mercedes beslig says:

    Imagine Dragons3

  15. Valérie Šlajerová says:

    Tenhle song zbožňuju :D

  16. reispurs22 says:

    amazing band

  17. Caterina Fiocchi says:

    This is it, the apocalypse. 

  18. sandons85 says:

    withouth drums sounds shit :(


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  9. sandons85: withouth drums sounds shit :(...
  10. Caterina Fiocchi: This is it, the apocalypse. ...
  11. reispurs22: amazing band...
  12. Valérie Šlajerová: Tenhle song zbožňuju :D...
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