[Trap] Childish Gambino – Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information) (Diizzy Bootleg Remix) – Stockholm Video

[Trap] Childish Gambino - Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information) (Diizzy Bootleg Remix)

Like ‘Diizzy’ on Facebook for a FREE download!: http://on.fb.me/18As2HE I felt the original ‘Zealots of Stockholm’ had a lot of potential to strictly be a trap tune, so I gave it a little…


13 Responses to “[Trap] Childish Gambino – Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information) (Diizzy Bootleg Remix) – Stockholm Video”

  1. TheRealDiizzy says:

    To all the people commenting statements/questions like “Not really a remix”
    or “how is this a remix?”, I use the word “remix” very freely in the title.

    What I ultimately did was take parts from the original song (along with a
    few minor added FX), that I thought sounded the best and had the most
    potential to be mixed together in a different sequence to created almost a
    ‘different’ version of the same song.

    It’s mainly for the people who liked the ‘drop’ part of the song and didn’t
    want to keep replaying the song just to hear that one part.

    I hope this clears some things up, guys ^__^

  2. TheRealDiizzy says:

    Wow! Over 100k views! You guys are awesome! I can honestly say I had never
    expected to get near this many views, I owe it all you, the viewers ^__^

  3. IcyIsADHD says:

    The nigga on the screen looks like childish gambino

  4. jakefrg1 says:

    Catfish commercial brought me here

  5. WuzohHitsBills says:

    i thought my speakers broke at 0:19

  6. 96jnb says:

    That picture has a slight movement to it. Or am I just seeing shit?

  7. TheKingsHeree says:

    This song is hot asf. It makes me wanna do bad things lmao.

  8. eugene grinberg says:

    This shit takes control of your brain, then puts you into a dream state

  9. zlDynamic says:

    This song with beats on …..

  10. niseron2010 says:

    That whole album was incredible! And this song goes all the way hard! Even
    hearing this from my iPhone, I can feel my speakers crazy. I freaked out
    when they played it during the commercial premier of catfish. I was like

  11. Sam Mari says:

    better than the original!

  12. ZEP FIFA says:

    amazing with beats bro

  13. Heather Bonilla says:

    This is the song you would do illegal drugs, jump a fence, fuck someone in
    the bathroom, feed a cat, give labor, water some plants basically you would
    listen to this song for life 


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  9. sandons85: withouth drums sounds shit :(...
  10. Caterina Fiocchi: This is it, the apocalypse. ...
  11. reispurs22: amazing band...
  12. Valérie Šlajerová: Tenhle song zbožňuju :D...
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