Muse – Stockholm Syndrome (Drums+Vocal Track) – Stockholm Video

a drums+vocal track of MUSE’s song ‘Stockholm Syndrome’


25 Responses to “Muse – Stockholm Syndrome (Drums+Vocal Track) – Stockholm Video”

  1. Stephen Moreno says:

    I would love a version with just the vocals, if anyone knows where I can
    find it please link it 3

  2. zamton says:

    How do you do this??!?!

  3. Sam Knight says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the soloed backing vocals?

  4. George Mann says:

    That chorus doesn’t even need guitar and bass, it’s still fucking epic!

  5. Fabrizio A. says:

    @Amorvan22 ok… now it makes sense xD

  6. Karen Schultz says:

    Where did you get this image? I’d like to use it on Facebook. Please let me
    know 🙂

  7. hughh20 says:

    Can anyone else hear the guitar and bass in their head?

  8. angryredcom says:

    Can you do this again but just vocals, bass and guitar, I drum aswell, so
    this would be awesome to play along to

  9. Liam Bellamy says:


  10. Lucy W says:

    Dom is one fucking good drummer

  11. MrsMattBellamy10 says:

    matt is soooooooo fittt

  12. William Jorge says:

    Wooww!! I love this song. With or without guitar and bass’ notes.

  13. cenrockon01 youtube says:


  14. Luis Fernando Jimenez says:

    seriously.. how do u do this?! how can u delete guitar and bass tracks?

  15. Marta Madiña says:

    I hear this song in March, when they come to chile and it was fuking
    perfect 3

  16. Voyevoda911 says:

    So, how is this done??

  17. William Jorge says:

    Find this song with a “clean” vocal is a pure pearl!

  18. Dusty Shane says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I never noticed the Ghost notes and splash before.

  19. damuser234 says:

    “will wecall” XD

  20. Alejandra Martínez says:

    omg! i love them! this is my favorite song!

  21. William Jorge says:

    And the chorus in this version is so amazing.

  22. Fabrizio A. says:

    ok good, but… what’s the reason for this ? XD

  23. WhatTheHeck says:

    no he didn’t. There were “official” releases that Muse gave away for
    remixers and stuff like that a few years ago.

  24. Knight of Cydonia says:

    Hahah, it would be amazing if someone used this pic as their cover photo on
    facebook and put a picture of justin bieber as their profile pic because
    then it would look like Muse was looking at him in disdain…

  25. dieLaura96 says:

    I´m freaking out because of the pureness of his VOICE!!!!!! and Dom numnum


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  9. sandons85: withouth drums sounds shit :(...
  10. Caterina Fiocchi: This is it, the apocalypse. ...
  11. reispurs22: amazing band...
  12. Valérie Šlajerová: Tenhle song zbožňuju :D...
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