Muse – Stockholm Syndrome live @ Glastonbury 2010 – Stockholm Video

Muse performing Stockholm Syndrome followed by the Township Rebellion riff and the Endless Nameless riff at the Glastonbury Festival in England in June 26th 2010. Setlist : 01 – Uprising…


24 Responses to “Muse – Stockholm Syndrome live @ Glastonbury 2010 – Stockholm Video”

  1. Sam Hutchinson says:

    0:30 – does he want any more swag?

  2. kael0108 says:

    Où est le bouton “j’adore”

  3. maxnims says:

    Hey look at 1:18, why the spotlights are only on Matt and Dom ?

  4. Chyntia Rizky Purnama Ratry says:

    I love muse 😀 because this song it’s the best ever 🙂

  5. Kihlberg90 says:

    @Silk7301 Believe me, I will! If this get’s so awesome that I think it
    will, I’ll probably never see Muse live again. Because then I’ll only get
    dissapointed xD

  6. George Tsang says:

    @gamerinsideu16 :/ ?

  7. bebaslepas says:

    @museiZZuDDin agree with you dude! 😀 but,I really wanna hear them play
    muscle museum this year.. (2010) it’s one of my fave song from them 😀

  8. John Pyun says:

    What’s this white stuff coming out from my ears?? oh right nvm. It’s just
    my ear jizzing all over the place.

  9. xMusette says:

    Ils sont génials !!! *__* ♥

  10. grasmaker says:

    @dreamsaresacred1 He always does, he is in the best band of the world xD I
    would smile forever if I was in Muse :O

  11. TheKnoppersVidz says:

    @coffee1422 best comment ever.

  12. SaintUdnitz says:

    LOL…at 2:15 matt sings “you ho”… the last time I’ll forget you, ho!

  13. Pedro Hicken says:

    Amazing. Love it….That girl at 4:48 isnt too bad either!!

  14. muddycleats11 says:

    @MuseLiveVideos You should put their 2004 show at Earls court on your

  15. Boristhealligator says:

    Someone obviously doesn’t have the syndrome

  16. DarthMuse says:

    Muse rely on synthesizers too much these day it ruins there music 2004
    glastonbury was much better when they sounded like the actual they sounding
    really silly now and im being honest!

  17. SaintUdnitz says:

    @AmmaDaDrumma no, those are just harmonics. 4:29 could be pinch harmonics

  18. Kihlberg90 says:

    @Blankcard92 Speaking of speed…. Ever heard of Joey Jordison….?

  19. Mot Waterman says:

    @pluginaxo i no wat u mean cuz there old stuff is much better but also u
    have to remember that matt bellamy picks the setlist for every concert and
    they do roughly 200 concerts a year so if they keep mixing up the setlist
    it’s gonna get confusing for them!! But it would be better if occasionly
    they put a few that they rairly every put in like Assassin, showbiz, hyper
    music and stuff like that…

  20. saadat1ariel says:


  21. event1515308 says:

    Excellent live . Excellent band. ….

  22. Micael Monteiro says:

    anyone knows the name os matt’s guitar???

  23. Lukasz Smigielski says:

    Bass drum drowns everything

  24. [insert] says:

    look at how happy Chris is at 5:47


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  9. sandons85: withouth drums sounds shit :(...
  10. Caterina Fiocchi: This is it, the apocalypse. ...
  11. reispurs22: amazing band...
  12. Valérie Šlajerová: Tenhle song zbožňuju :D...
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