Travel Guide to Stockholm, Sweden – Stockholm Video http In this travel video I travel to Stockholm, Sweden. In late June, 2008, I traveled to Scandinavia. My first stop was in Stockholm, Sweden, during the longest day of the year (the Midsummer holiday). In this video I explore this active, cosmopolitan capital of Scandinavia and head out under the midnight sun to check out its nightlife.

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  1. TheHandler89 says:

    whats the night life like in october? worth a long weekend trip?

  2. Isaksrb1337 says:

    /watch?v=wNfZjxcWXfQ check my video from sweeden,gamla stan ty 🙂

  3. 1v4z says:

    Polar bears can swim… *Starts running*

  4. Vasile Ion says:

    Stockholm is great.Dont let Romanians ruin it.There are 5 million people in Spain representing 10%of the total population.And now,Spain is fucked up.Romanians are hateful.They steal, defraud,murder,assault,rape, abuse animals and God knows what else.They are a detriment to the European Union.Their disregard for other people’s property is disgusting,you can’t just go squat in someone’s field and make a huge mess of it – they then proceed to ransack communities and steal money-vile,vile people

  5. Vasile Ion says:

    I think you’d find it very difficult to find someone with anything good to say about them.. There is a (permenant) romanian Gypsy camp in a village near my town and they refuse to leave even though the land is in the green belt and nobody is allowed to build there (they have built illegal buildings). I can see why people develop negative views towards romanians .
    They sell drugs,don’t even want to work.Their women professional beggars and their men aggravanted robbers and burglaries.

  6. Vasile Ion says:

    A quick thought : the romanians near me, one of them has a brand new caravan, trailer and a new Audi Q7. I bet they didn’t get the money for such purchases by hard work and honesty.Someone has obviously never lvied near romanians , everyone who lives near romanians hates them, they commit extraordinary ammounts of crime especially theft.
    Romanians are very rich because they are stealing money in Western Europe..
    Go tu Buzescu village,in Romania,and look at their big palaces/houses..

  7. Vasile Ion says:

    They stole my friends dog and charged him to get it back, they broke into my friends garage and stole his tools, they break into my friends work van on a near monthly basis, it is crazy.Once I heard that they killed my far relative in the country to take his sheep.I never knew him in my life but I was rather nervous.

  8. Vasile Ion says:

    There were some camped on the back field by my old school though, and the police had to come because they assaulted students and nicked stuff from school. And they were trespassing obviously. It seems very alien and archaic to me, I wouldn’t want to do it myself…how do they educate their children properly? I hate romanians because they dont follow the laws that we all have to and local councils like to grant them immunity from the consequences of their actions.

  9. Vasile Ion says:

    They steal various other bits of people’s property, then proceed to move on and leave it on the ground creating some vile mess- if you’re going to travel around then take “your” rubbish with you. They generally create a sense of insecurity…both with their “curses” and fear they might attempt to take something of yours.They trespass and can be known to knock on your door persistently and nobody should be bothered to such an extent on their own property.
    Romanians make Stockhom an unsafe city

  10. Vasile Ion says:

    I was waiting with a friend at the railway station when a group of Romanians came up and started having some bizarre conversation about how we were looking at them because they are ” romanians “, well, no, it’s just because you’re a mess, which is besides the point cos we were minding our own business anyway to avoid such a situation…and then they start slapping my friend’s face completely unnecessarily.

  11. Vasile Ion says:

    I am saying that they are *all* disgusting, horrible people, since i’ve never had a good experience with them, and so many bad ones could rather make me believe that they’re generally not people i’d ever wish to come into contact with again.
    The romanians in my area are thieving, trouble making scum.
    i fucking hate Romanian people.
    they are good at nothing..
    Some romanians killed my sister in London..

  12. Vasile Ion says:

    They steal whatever is not nailed down, they waste police time, they harrass local people and they make an absoulutely horrendous mess wherever they go. It costs councils thousands of pounds to clear up after they’ve broken into a me racist, but i hate those type of gypsies..
    BY THE WAY,Romanian women are filthy prostitutes.

  13. Vasile Ion says:

    they deny any type of work, they steal, they rape, you are afraid at night, they are always in a gang and they are a social garbage as they have absolutely no contribution to the society…(well, we dont count the at least 10 kids they have per a family and a mum which started having kids at the age of 13 or less) and yeah, im pretty sure the government does take care of them – they have more rights than any other person.

  14. Vasile Ion says:

    Romanians beat up the police – well, the police guy punched one of them, the police guy is sentenced for 1 year or has to pay a ridiculous amount of money….or after 1 day he gets beaten to death by the ******* gang.
    the government provides them with shelter – what do they do? They burn the parquet and try to sell the place…what the heck.

  15. joakim2k10 says:

    Only a couple of parts of Malmö have problems with some of the immigrants as far as I know, like Rosengård.

  16. SparkleVoiceask says:

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  17. jgsmitty14 says:

    So if i wanted to visit would I need to become fluent in swedish? I have heard the people are very snobby is this true?

  18. StealthGamer1911 says:

    and i live and sthlm


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